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trademark policy

1. OSUM Trademarks

OSUM Trademarks herein refer to any word marks, designs, acronyms, logos, slogans, taglines, trade dresses or other brand features owned or used by OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP and/or its affiliates (Collectively as “OSUM ”) to identify and distinguish OSUM as the source of its products or services.

The following OSUM Trademark list is a non-exhaustive list of OSUM Trademarks owned by OSUM registered in India or other countries. The list does not include OSUM’s many common law trademarks. OSUM herein merely lists some of important OSUM Trademarks. The absence of any OSUM Trademarks from this list does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights that OSUM has established in any of them.

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2. To whom OSUM Trademark Policy applies?

OSUM Trademark Policy (herein referred to as “Policy”) applies to OSUM ’s licensees, authorized resellers, contractors, customers, and other parties wishing to use OSUM Trademarks in promotional, advertising, instructional, reference materials, or on their web sites, products, labels, packaging or other materials.

If you are a licensee of one or more of OSUM Trademarks and have been provided with specific trademark policy with your license agreements or other agreements, please follow that policy.

If your license agreements or other agreements do not provide any trademark policy, then follow this Policy. By using one or more of OSUM Trademarks, in whole or in part, you acknowledge that OSUM is the sole owner of OSUM Trademarks and warrant that you will not challenge OSUM ’s use, registration of, or application to register the trademark(s), alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in the world, and that you will not take or omit to take any action that could dilute or adversely affect any of HUWEI Trademarks, OSUM ’s ownership thereof or any related goodwill.

Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under this Policy, no other rights of any kind or nature are granted hereunder, either express or implied.

3. Prohibited use of OSUM Trademarks

Any use of OSUM Trademarks or any colourable imitations thereof may constitute trademark infringement or unfair competition unless otherwise expressly authorised by OSUM. Among others, the following are prohibited without prior written permission from OSUM:

a). You may not use or register, in whole or in part, any of OSUM Trademarks or any colourable imitations thereof as or as part of your trademarks, company names, trade names, product names, or service names, technology names, website names, program names or domain names.

b). You may not use any of OSUM Trademarks in a manner that is likely to cause confusion, or cause mistake, or to deceive as to the affiliation, connection, or association of you with OSUM , or as to the origin, sponsorship, endorsement or approval of your products, services, or activities by OSUM .

c). You may not use any of OSUM Trademarks in a disparaging manner.

d). You may not use any of OSUM Trademarks on promotional free gifts or give-away merchandise items, such as bags, mugs, T-shirts and so on.

4. Rules for correct use of OSUM Trademarks

a) Trademarks can only be used as adjectives to modify nouns; the nouns herein mean the generic name of a product or service.

b) As adjectives, trademarks may not be used in the plural or possessive form.

For example:
OSUM’S (×)

c) An appropriate generic term must appear after the trademark the first time it appears in a printed piece, and as often as is reasonable after that.

For example:
OSUM network equipments

d) Always use OSUM Trademarks exactly as they are shown in the above OSUM Trademark List or as authorized or approved by OSUM. Do not shorten, abbreviate, misspell OSUM Trademarks.

Do not mistakenly capitalize or use lower case letters when using OSUM Trademarks.

For example:
Osum (×)

e) Do not create any new logo for OSUM or its product names.

5. Proper Trademark Notice and Attribution

a) Do not use trademark symbols on any products, product packages, product or service documentation promotional materials or pack, or other product or service communications. b) Include one of the following international trademark notices:

is a trademark of OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP. registered in India and other countries.

is a trademark of OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP.

6. Disclaimer

This Policy is not intended to serve as legal advice. In case you have questions regarding your legal rights or obligations, please consult your lawyers.

7. Contact info

Should you have any question about this Policy or you need to obtain permission to use any of OSUM Trademarks, please send an email to

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